The following is an experiment and is an attempt to summarise the chat which was held today on social media monitoring.

Links summary

Chat summary

The over arching theme was not tools as anticipated. The theme instead was – what are we monitoring and why are we monitoring it. Or perhaps more, from @siwhitehouse – why are we reducing something so potentially powerful to numbers.

@bmwelby made a wonderful comment:

reach – how many people see it? credibility – how many people trust it? participation – how much it’s engaged with?

And really, no one beat this for a summary. Something which did emerge was the split attitude to channel shift – on the one hand needed as monetary savings needed, via knowledge transfer as a transaction through to how does ‘engagement’ be classified as a transaction.

Depth not number of engagements was mentioned. Quality of engagements were also mentioned. Lives affected.

Eventually we came to the crux – which was when social media became about comms and comms alone. The idea that in focusing on effective communication we have perhaps missed, as @siwhitehouse pointed out, the potential for collaboration, bringing people together, incubating support networks inside communities and allowing people to have more of a say in democratic decisions – things which are not necessarily measurable.

@kim26stephens commented about measuring behaviour change impact of engagement vs specific things like rise or fall in prescriptions issued (for example as a result of a campaign explaining colds could not be cured by antibiotics?). This led to discussing using citizen panels, exit interviews and online and offline interviews to assess impact and success.

Finally, @reinikainen made the point ‘ measure this, do you know what you citizens expect of your council?

To which personally, I would reply that we are trying to use digital and social media to increase our success and accuracy in finding out.

Summary provided by @loulouk (I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible)


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